• A Mixed-income Community
  1. Marks entry to Central Square
  2. 285 apartments in two buildings
  3. 20% affordable & middle-income units
  4. Another 23 new units on Bishop Allen Drive
  5. Passageways connect public spaces
  • Shops, Restaurants & Food Vendors Line Sidewalks and Passageways
  1. Local vendors / small shops
  2. Bustling marketplace
  • Added Benefits
  1. Moved parking underground / removed ugly garage
  2. Added more housing & affordable units
  3. Retail activates passageways
  4. Fit new storm system into site / fix flooding
  5. Allow for the future

celebrating the vibrancy of central square


Chronicle5 WCVB-TV 5/23/17


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Central Square in the 1920’s was a bustling commercial district with six department stores.

The intersection at Mass Ave and Main Street was once the site of Central Square Cinema. However, during the 1950’s up through the 70’s, this part of Central Square went into decline as the battle to build a six lane I-695 right through the site was waged. Thankfully the neighborhood prevailed, and the highway was stopped!

We chose to invest in Central Square because it is an exciting and vibrant place with lots of restaurants, entertainment and cultural institutions surrounded by great residential neighborhoods.

Central Square is Cambridge’s downtown, with a rich history as a shopping,
cultural and civic center of the city.